summertime and the livin' is easy

so, i got online the other day. and i realized it had been over a month since i'd done just that. is was beautiful. despite the fact that most of my summer has consisted of being chained to mac grill in a button-down shirt and tie, it has been a beautiful time nonetheless. if i've been absent from your lives, sorry about that. here's a recap on my life in the last couple months...:)
enjoying some sweet fireworks. not on the 4th of july, but close enough.
misty days at twin rocks. it doesn't get much closer to heaven.
cheese factory + lemon blueberry pie ice cream. mmm.

epic tank battles. my tank kicked that other tank's ass, if you were wondering.
hanging out with jon's mules. i think this one is lou.
seaside closed my favorite bakery. yeah. it was a sad day.
rodeo season. beautiful.

the moment my baby nephew became taller than me. :(
and last but not least...
this is mowgli. looks sweet, eh? ALL LIES.
so...welcome to my life. i know, pretty exciting.

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Whitney said...

Mowgli looks like his eye is twitching. Something is seriously off with that cat. I still think he's freaking adorable though. If you ever need a cat sitter.... ;)