so whitney told me the other day that i am a terrible blogger.

my most recent entry was in august of last year.
so i am inclined to believe her.
for those of you who have missed me, here is a recap.
in relatively chronological order.

i turned 21.
i walked into my senior year at george fox.
i discovered how much i drive when i commute from canby.
i starting dating a wonderful guy.
i was asked to be lauren's bridesmaid.
i conducted social experiments.
i did a 144-hour preceptorship in a critical care unit.
i learned how to put chains on my truck.
i got to feel a tiny foot kick in misty's tummy.
i listened to death cab to ring in the new year.
i got an attack cat...who mostly attacks me.
i sat in a hot spring.

and now...now i am in both the beginning and the end of two beautiful stages of my life. i walked onto the george fox campus a couple weeks ago, ready to start fresh a new semester, and realized it would be the last time i did that. i am formulating resumes and searching for jobs. i am studying for state nursing boards. and i am reveling in the sweet relationships i have built over the last four years.

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Whitney said...

muuuuch better, my love.

Thanks for the pictorial. I <3 pictures and I <3 you. Combining the two= brilliaaant!