pepper in some unemployment

at 10:15, my alarm clock went off.

at 10:18, my phone rang.

adam, at chili's, told me not to bother with the shower i was about to take, the makeup i was going to put on to make myself presentable to my guests, or the twenty-minute drive i was about to make to work. effective immediately, hillsboro, beaverton, lake oswego, issaquah, bellevue, and wilsonville chili's are closing. the servers who showed up to work that morning got quite the surprise. so did our manager, matt, who's also out of a job. but apparently that's the way you run things when you own eight major stores.

at 11:30, matt called to tell me he still didn't know anything.

but i could use his cell number to list as a reference.

since, you know, chili's doesn't exist or have a phone anymore.