wine country.

yamhill county is full of beautiful countryside.

and rich soil, good for growing wine grapes.
so you should check out this sweet set of photos.
go to nytimes.com.
and then search for yamhill county, OR.
third link down is a slideshow.
check it out.
special attention on slide 6.


Punxsutawney Phil

today is groundhog day. 2/2. good thing it's not in the year '02, as those three symmetrical numbers would throw a certain superstitious friend of mine into a bit of a whirlwind. nonetheless, today is the day where we find out how much longer winter is going to last. a quick note on that, by the way. why does seeing his shadow indicate a longer winter? it seems to me that the shadow would be indicative of the sun being out, which would speak to spring's near arrival. i don't know, maybe i'm crazy. ps, would someone tell that man to put down the poor groundhog?

anyway, phil saw his shadow this morning, which means we are in for another six weeks of winter. and yet somehow, i cannot quite believe it. nevermind the freezing fog that was still sitting dormant over the fields this morning on my drive to newberg. the sunshine is too beautiful today, shining bright over my shoulder through these big windows outside the nursing lab. i'm casting my very own shadow, but it is one that speaks of warm days and cool spring nights, and of delicate flowers erupting from the soggy ground and cherry trees bursting forth with delicate pink blossoms.

move over winter. spring is upon us.