i cannot do it on my own

i got a job at macaroni grill. i'm supposed to start on saturday. but then i got this call last night telling me that upon realizing this is father's day weekend (apparently that one snuck up on them), my orientation would be pushed back a week. ergo, i find myself unemployed and broke for yet another seven days. luckily for me, it is just in time for some beautiful weather. a fire lit under me, i undertook some good old fashioned spring cleaning. here's my mind at a glance as i liberated my flower beds from the unneccessary weeds stealing vital nutrients from the soil...

.i have grapes, berries, veggies, flowers, and a whole host of wildlife (both invited and not) on 2+ acres. i am blessed. for realsies.
.a greek salad is not a greek salad without tomatoes. i don't care if i do get salmonellosis. i'm eating my damn tomatoes.
.there's not enough spontaneity in my life.
.i've been feeling extra green of late. i'd blame jess, but i haven't been around her that much... which also makes me blue.
.a warm, smog-free day is incomparable. if you haven't breathed northwest air, i'm sad for you.
.i haven't had a coffee shop drink in 5 days. whoa.
.my spiritual life is in a sorry state. to say the least.
.sometimes, all it takes is a song. thank you, shawn mcdonald.

i lay myself at your feet

asking you, won't you meet

won't you meet me

i cannot do it on my own

i cannot do it all alone

here i am, oh, tonight

with my arms open wide

won't you come inside

won't you come inside, god

come and fill this heart of mine

i'm in need of you

of your touch, of your life, of your love

i need you

i need you


Whitney said...

I love that you use spring cleaning to clear you head and think about stuff. I do the same with painting and as I've gotten some new furniture pieces in dire need of a fresh coat of pizzaz, I too have been doing some mental spring cleaning. ;) Guess it's that time of year.

Also, this may sound weird but... knowing that I'm not the only one with a struggling spiritual life is absolutely relieving. Granted mine has been probably been much sadder for much longer but knowing that a woman with such strong faith can waiver and struggle just as I do tells me that I'm not the horrible person I thought I was. Just human.

I love you babe! You are welcome in the home of the Feisty Foothills ladies aaaaaanytime and I can't wait for Friday. :)

Mandipants said...

still no job? daaaang. guess then that I shouldn't ask you to be our roommate when Cherie moves back home. but, maybe you'd still consider it?