the longest shadows ever cast.

summertime is upon us.

the sun is rearing its big, beautiful head.
i have a glowing white line on my shoulders from my sundress straps.

i don't think i have seasonal depression.
until the sun comes out.
and i'm so much happier.

i'm barefoot.
i'm playing.
i love sunshine.
i love summer.
oh, and i love death cab.

1 Comment:

Whitney said...

I realize I'm late to the boat on commenting on this one.
this made me happy. In the dreariness that I am learning to love, I've forgotten slightly what the sun is like. Perhaps that's because I didn't actually get to partake in much of the sunshine and such.... *sigh* such is like.

In any case, from the title to the last line, this made me smile.
Alaska is the land of the midnight sun and boy oh boy, am I so excited for THAT part of my frosty experience.

Thanks for reminding me of the simple things that I love.

You. Sunshine. Death cab.

'nuff said.