this semester has flown by. it is april. in 26 days, i graduate from college. and then i'm done with school, forever. (unless i go back for my masters degree some day. it's not in my near future.)

one of my besties had a baby on the 18th of last month. the day after st. patty's day. also my mom's birthday. he was 9 pounds 6 ounces, and he was beautiful. and so was she. we are growing up. 

i threw 2 showers recently. one was for misty and baby lukas. the other, lauren, who we're marrying off june 20th. yes, we are growing up indeed. maybe i should be a party planner instead of a nurse. i seem to be getting a lot of practice. 

i spent spring break in arizona. not the warm, sunny one. flagstaff, the one where there was still snow on the ground. and i drank arizona iced tea. not in arizona. in california on a layover. i hate california. but i still had fun. spending time with one of corbin's besties was...a ride. :) i drank a lot of french press coffee. i ate at the best pizza place, breakfast place, sandwich place, and coffee shop in flagstaff. true story. they had awards.

and now it's april. i had my last spring break ever last month. misty has a baby. lauren moved into her new home, which in 2 months she'll share with eric. i've been fingerprinted for nursing and i'm filling out paperwork, sending in forms, and studying for boards. we're growing up. and it scares me a little.

oh. and my cat's still trying to kill me. but sometimes she's nice.